The National Association of Mobile Integrated Healthcare Providers (NAMIHP) proudly announces the launch of its inaugural scholarship program.

This significant milestone demonstrates NAMIHP’s commitment to advancing the field of Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH). The MIH Advocacy Scholarship will initiate in 2024 and serve as a basis for acknowledging and supporting the ongoing advocacy efforts of NAMIHP members.

MIH teams are doing incredible work across the nation which show the impact mobile integrated healthcare on community health, health equity, and cost-effective patient-centered care.

MIH 2024 Advocacy Scholarship

For the inaugural MIH Advocacy Scholarship, NAMIHP is working with partners Atrium Health and Quick Med Claims. We acknowledge the incredible impact of MIH teams nationwide, showcasing their dedication and transformative efforts in the realm of community health. The MIH Advocacy Scholarship not only honors these accomplishments but also reinforces our belief in the significance of mobile integrated healthcare in shaping healthier communities.

The first scholarship offering is being launched through the MIH Impact Photo Contest. This groundbreaking contest invites all individuals passionate about MIH to participate, contributing to the collective narrative of MIH’s positive influence on healthcare.


The MIH Impact Photo Contest provides a unique opportunity for individuals to visually showcase the profound impact of MIH teams on communities, health outcomes, public health, national issues, financial impact, and/or employee well-being. The contest aims to use the power of compelling images to tell the story of MIH’s transformative influence.



We're sorry. The deadline has come and gone.
"QMC's ongoing partnership with NAMIHP reflects our dedication to promoting community health, health equity, and cost-effective patient-centered care across the nation. QMC is proud to announce a new collaboration with Atrium Health to sponsor the MIH Advocacy Scholarship."
Adam Patterson
QMC VP of Sales
"Establishing the MIH Advocacy Scholarship aligns with NAMIHP’s mission of supporting education, dialogue, business development, and awareness of the MIH industry. Furthermore, it allows us to highlight the work of our partners, who continue to invest in innovative models of care and lead MIH initiatives across the country."
Victoria Reinhartz, PharmD, CPh
NAMIHP Interim Executive Director


The winning entrant will receive a comprehensive prize package, including:


To enter, participants must submit a minimum of three and a maximum of ten photos. If applicants wish to strengthen their submission, a photo slideshow or video (less than 90 seconds) capturing the essence of MIH impact may also be included.

Submissions should eloquently and professionally portray how MIH positively influences community engagement, contributes to disease or health outcomes, addresses public health and national issues, and/or enhances employee well-being.

Please note that the winner will not receive reimbursement for rideshare or taxi services, daily spending stipend, any additional food expenses, or any other expenses not explicitly outlined here. Hotel accommodations will be reserved by the Scholarship Committee and award recipient will receive confirmation details upon award announcement. Awardees will book their own travel arrangements and submit receipt details.

While applicants will not receive payment or compensation for any submitted photos and/or videos, creators will be cited as the author henceforth whenever photo or video content is utilized.

*Employees or leadership representing the National Association of Mobile Integrated Healthcare Providers, Atrium Health or Atrium Health affiliated organizations, including Advocate Health or Wake Forest employees, or those representing Quick Med Claims, will not be considered eligible for this scholarship.


The MIH Advocacy Scholarship will be awarded to one (1) individual. Business entities, agencies, or organizations are not eligible. NAMIHP membership is encouraged, but not required. Individuals should be interested in promoting mobile integrated healthcare and/or community paramedicine for the purpose of improving community health, health outcomes, and access to care.



NAMIHP and sponsoring partners will review each application to ensure completeness and eligibility. Once submission verified, the application will be subject to a committee-based evaluation process.

Submission Form

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Individuals must attest to the following criteria:
For detailed contest guidelines and submission information, please visit NAMIHP's MIH Summit website at